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3rd Party Mortgage Insurance Refund Processor:

Started by the Department of Housing and Urban Development in 1986,
the HUD/FHA Refund Processor program has been successfully
distributing unclaimed mortgage insurance refunds to their rightful
owners. As a 3rd Party Mortgage Insurance Refund Processor you can
assist these refund
recipients on a part time basis with the collection of their refund
and earn a generous fee
for each refund you process. Start immediately.

For complete information about this government work from home
opportunity from home please visit:

Free Unclaimed Money Search:

Do you or someone you know have unclaimed money or property? Did you
know that you might be an heir to a sum of unclaimed money? Unclaimed
money and property is turned over to the state by banks, insurance
companies, utility companies, and various other institutions, when a
person does not claim it over time. When combined with unclaimed money
being held by various Federal Government agencies, the total dollar
amount of these unclaimed assets is in the billions of dollars.

This unclaimed money and property most often comes in the form of:
Insurance Policy Refunds * Stocks & Bonds * Bank Accounts * HUD
Refunds * Pensions * Certificates of Deposit * IRS Income Tax Checks *
Safe Deposit Box Contents * Paychecks/Salaries * Utility Deposits.

United Refund Services continues to help reunite people with their
unclaimed money and property. You can conduct a free search for
federal and state unclaimed assets that might belong to you, right now
by visiting:

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