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I just got 50p from Opinium for signing up.

They are a market research/polling organisation and members of the
british polling council see

Looks a bit like yougov and its slowly-slowly-earny-money routine ;)
(Having been paid 150 quid since joining Yougov I'm not moaning).

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>>I just got 50p from Opinium for signing up.
>You didn't.

I did

>They will only pay you when there is a minimum of �25 in your account.

Yes, thats stated in the T&Cs

>It's not a freebie either, since you'll have to fill at least 50

But that's one's choice. If you don't want to fill one out then don't
complete it (but then you wont get the reward).

It's a bit like all the other freebies out there. You'll be moaning
next that you had to fill in your name and address to get your free
sample of dog food.

>Come for a free drink to my place, but you'll have to cut the grass
>and clean the windows beforehand.


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And then on second thoughts I looked back through the postings in this
group from you and saw

a "GFY" message
a moan about a repost
an almost funny about Caywomen
a post telling someone to go to a relevant newsgroup
an unhelpful post telling someone to look for the answer in a magazine

oh - and surprisingly a thank you messgae too.

But no postings giving us "freebies"


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>Thanks for the post Nozza.

Chuckle - Cheers Lucky13