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> >> > you missed the point "do not ship outside UK" mentioned in first
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> >> No, I didn't.
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> > So you think a buyer should be able to vary the terms of a sale
> > without consulting the seller?
> You've not read the OPs posts.
That's incorrect.

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We were somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the
drugs began to take hold. I remember "Richard Colton"
<newsgroups(a)> saying something like:

>Yes, with hindsight I should have done that. I had problems in the early
>days of the bidding with another German buyer who was most insistent that I
>should post to Germany.

As a total contrast you might like to bid on something on ebay Germany -
you'll find that the vast majority of the sellers are happy to ship to
the UK, and don't block outside bidders. What's more, they're efficient,
helpful and unfailingly polite - they are Krauts, after all.

What makes you so reluctant to ship to Germany? If it's fear of being
ripped off, you needn't worry - I'd lay money on there being more
dishonest buyers in the UK, as a percentage. If it's a simple can't be
arsed to post abroad, it's hardly difficult and you're missing out on a
vast untapped market.

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> The only things I will not post outside the UK are valuable ceramics, as
> it is very difficult to get a decent insured price to ship them.

Try shipsurance. They do actually offer cover here.