From: Dirk Bieber on
Dennis Ferguson wrote:

> Do you know any place where T-Mobile roams on AT&T? I recall thinking
> this was the case when I was a T-Mobile postpaid customer, quite
> a few years ago, but I've not found a place where I've even been
> able to force the phone onto AT&T in recent years.

I found that:


I don't know the current status. I know you are not referring to WiFi.
Starbucks formerly operated by T-Mobile still offer roaming:

AT&T and Cingular have had GSM-roaming agreements with T-Mobile, that
with Cingular ended some time ago, but I don't find a press release,
maybe that was reported in investor relations of Deutsche Telekom.

T-Mobile Germany has roaming agreements with Alltel, AT&T Wireless,
Dobson, Nextel, Suncom and T-Mobile US. Yes, I know that Suncom is
part of T-Mobile. ;-)

GPRS should work at AT&T, Suncom and T-Mobile, 3G only at AT&T. #-)

Cheers Dirk