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>My daughter-in-law has just bought an Acer Aspire from Asda for �275. Sounds
>a very good price for a laptop but I dont know how good the spec is.
>Apparently it is (from the box) a 3694WLMI Model BL50 CPU Celeron M, 512mb
>ram, 80gb hard drive with Windows Vista. As far as I know Acer are a pretty
>good make so is this a good buy? It would probably be used mostly for the
>internet and word processing type stuff. Nothing too demanding.


as a follow up to the other posts, if you do decide to add another 512k
to it, I've got 512k spare...

Like your daughter-in-law's, my Acer Aspire came with only 512k, so I
went to Crucial and opted to buy another 1gig to pop in the second slot
to add to my existing memory. Of course, keen to save a couple of quid I
spotted one of their "alternatives" a pound or so cheaper, but didn't
realise until it arrived that the alternative I'd chosen was two 512k
chips rather than one 1gig chip. Ooops.

As 1gig is enough for me and I couldn't be arsed to go through the
return/replace loop, I put in the new 512k chips, which means that the
original one that came with the Acer is sat lonely and unloved on the

If it's of use, give me a shout
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