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If it is the evaporator coil that needs cleaning, it might be a heck of a
lot of work. Depending how the unit is piped in, and how the sheet metal is
worked. Might need to take the freon out of the AC, and take the coil out
from over the furnace. That could be several hours work.

Christopher A. Young
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On Mon, 28 Jan 2008 11:46:34 -0500, Jeff wrote:
> It sounds like he reset a jumper to a higher speed.
OK. That makes sense. I see a LOT of wires in there. Maybe he moved some
around. I should have taken a before/after photo. I did this time so when
he comes tomorrow I'll have something to show beforehand and after it gets

I never knew this cleaning stuff was so important.

BTW, how much do cleanings cost for most of you?

And, how often do you do them?

He will be here from 10am to 1Pm he said, so, it can't take longer than 3

Is this reasonable by normal standards?