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Anonymous Forum Buddy v2007, DNV SESAM ( WADAM, HydroD, GeniE, Patran-
Pre, Simo, DeepC ), UGS.NX.I-DEAS.V5, Softtech.Struds.v2007,
SolidWorks 2008 Office Premium, (Win32/64),
Adobe.After.Effects.CS3.Vol.MAC.OSX, Softimage.Alienbrain.v8,
Chief.Architect.X1.v11, Optis.OptisWorks.Studio.v2007, other 2007/July/
16 new programs

Serious.Magic.Ultra.2.v2.0.2271.0, Actel.Designer.v8.0,
PTC.Pro.Engineer.Wildfire.v3.0.M090, Tekla.Structures.v13 1CD ,

Advanced Get 9.1 EOD, KwikPOP for NinjaTrader 6, MarketDelta (for IB,
eSignal, DTN IQFeed, CQG) 8.6.3, Sirtrade 2004 for TS, TopGun
Software, VantagePoint

Database of real estate agents in the USA, and Physician Database for
USA 2007 EDITION, and the 19 Millions Vol.14 EMail Address List CD

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Anonymous Forum Buddy v2007, 1 CD

Buddy toolbar masks the IP address by routing your traffic through
foreign anonymous proxies. This way you can surf, read mail, news,
participate in newsgroups without revealing your real IP...
( privacy ... ).


SynaptiCAD AllProducts 12.01b Linux (2007-07-03)
SynaptiCAD AllProducts 12.01b (2007-07-03)
SynaptiCAD AllProducts 11.18c Linux (2007-06-02)
Synopsys Cosmos-Scope 2007.03 Linux (2007-05-05)
Synopsys Cosmos-Scope 2007.03 Win (2007-05-05)
Synopsys Astro Interactive Ultra 2007.03.SP1 Linux (2007-05-05)
Synopsys Design Compiler 2007.03 SP1 (2007-05-03)
Synopsys Astro Rail 2007.03 SP1 Linux (2007-05-03)
Synopsys JupiterXT 2007.03 SP1 Linux (2007-05-03)
Synopsys IC Compiler 2007.03 SP1 Linux (2007-05-03)

Synopsys DC Ultra W-2004.12, 1 CD

Synopsys VCS (v2006.06), 1 CD
Verification IP and Verification Methodology Manual (VMM) for System
VCS Verification Library and Native Testbench

28.11.2006 Cadence IUS 5.8 with sp2, 1 CD

2007/07/01 ModelSim/QuestaSim 6.3a, 1 CD


2007/07/16 Avid.Media.Composer.v2.7.2
2007/07/16 Avid.Studio.Toolkit.Avid.DVD.v5.6.4
2007/07/16 Avid.Studio.Toolkit.Avid.FX.v5.6.4
2007/07/16 Avid.NewsCutter.XP.v6.7.2
2007/07/16 RevisionFX.Shade.Shape.v3.0.for.Adobe.After.Effects
2007/07/16 Sony.Sound.Forge.Audio.Studio.9.0.Build.85
2007/07/16 3Delight.v6.5.0.and.3Delight.v6.5.0.for.Maya.Win32/64
2007/07/16 Animal.Logic.Mayaman.v2.0.2.for.Maya.6.5-8.5
2007/07/16 ADAPT.Builder.EX.v3.1
2007/07/16 ADAPT.PT.v8.0
2007/07/16 Softtech.Struds.v2007

2007/07/16 Avid.Media.Composer.v2.7.2 1DVD
2007/07/16 Avid.Xpress.Pro.v5.7.2 1CD
2007/07/16 Avid.NewsCutter.XP.v6.7.2 1CD
2007/07/16 DAZ.3D.Hexagon.v2.2.OSX 1CD
2007/07/16 UGS.NX.I-DEAS.V5 1DVD
2007/07/16 MSC.Nastran.v2007.R1 1CD
2007/07/16 Hampson.Russell.CE.v8.R1.2(Win/Linux) 2CD
2007/07/16 Invensys.Simsci.Romeo.v4.3.1 1CD


DNV SESAM ( WADAM, HydroD, GeniE, Patran-Pre, Simo, DeepC ), version



Sesam Fixed structures

Sesam Floating structures

Sesam FPSO


Safeti QRA

Safeti Hazard Analysis

Safeti RBI


Nauticus Early Design

Nauticus Hull

Nauticus Machinery


Sesam modelling and structural & hydrodynamic analysis (GeniE/HydroD)

Sesam modelling and analysis (GeniE)

Sesam modelling and analysis (Patran-Pre)

Hydrodynamic analysis of offshore structures (Wadam)

Sesam hydrostatic analysis (HydroD)

Mooring, riser and coupled motion analysis using DeepC


Framework focusing gust wind induced fatigue

Hydrodynamic analysis of offshore structures (Wadam)

Jacket design

Marine transportation and installation analysis

Mooring, riser and coupled motion analysis using DeepC

Progressive collapse analysis using Usfos

Sesam hydrostatic analysis (HydroD)

Sesam modelling and analysis (GeniE)

Sesam modelling and analysis (Patran-Pre)

Topside and jacket design using GeniE 3


Flare tower and bridges including gust wind induced fatigue

Local analysis using volume elements and sub-modelling technique

Stochastic fatigue analysis of plated structures


Scanvec Amiable, ( Flexi v8, PhotoPRINT v5, Signmakers EnRoute v3,
Cyclone Digital Proofer ), 1 DVD


Flexi PRODUCT Family v8

















Signmakers EnRoute v3

professional CAD/CAM solution for CNC manufacturing.

» 3D Surface Design
» Design Tools
» Associative Toolpaths
» Use Templates to Save Time
» Superior Toolpath Creation Engine
» Cut Costs with True-Shape Nesting
» Vectorization


Cyclone Digital Proofer


SolidWorks 2008 Office Premium, (Win32/64), incl. COSMOSWorks,
COSMOSXpress, COSMOSMotion, MoldflowXpress, PDMWorks, Toolbox,
TolAnalyst, Weldments, eDrawings, 1 DVD

2007/07/12 Avid.Softimage.XSI.Advanced.v6.02
2007/07/12 Nextlimit.RealFlow.v4.3.6(Win/Linux x32/x64)
2007/07/12 Asgvis.V-Ray.v1.0.for.Rhino4
2007/07/12 DAZ.3D.Hexagon.v2.2
2007/07/12 TurboCAD.Professional.v14
2007/07/12 Bentley.Microstation.GEOPAK.Suite.v8.08.02.73
2007/07/12 Bentley.InRoads.Suite.XM.Edition.v8.09.01.42
2007/07/12 Bentley.Civil.Extension.For.InRoads.XM.v8.09.01.42
2007/07/12 Lambdares.OSLO.Premium.v6.41

2007/07/12 Adobe.After.Effects.CS3.Vol.MAC.OSX 1DVD
2007/07/12 Softimage.Alienbrain.v8 1CD
2007/07/12 DAZ.3D.Hexagon.v2.2 1CD
2007/07/12 Chief.Architect.X1.v11 1DVD
2007/07/12 Optis.OptisWorks.Studio.v2007 1DVD

2007/07/09 The.Pixel.Farm.PFTrack.v4.0R2
2007/07/09 Rising.Sun.Research.cineSpace.v2.5.1
2007/07/09 Serious.Magic.Ultra.2.v2.0.2271.0
2007/07/09 Frischluft.Lensfeed.v1.01.for.After.Effects
2007/07/09 RevisionFX.Video.Gogh.v2.8.1.for.Adobe.After.Effects
2007/07/09 Adobe.Photoshop.Lightroom.v1.1
2007/07/09 IlluminateLabs.Turtle.v4.0.0.7.for.Maya.8.and.8.5.x32/x64
2007/07/09 Shave.And.A.Haircut.For.Maya.v4.5v31(Win/Linux/Mac)
2007/07/09 Vertus.Fluid.Mask.3.v2.100.2.RC2.for.Photoshop
2007/07/09 Wtools.LWCAD.v2.5.for.LightWave.3D
2007/07/09 interPoser.Pro.v1.5.for.Cinema4D
2007/07/09 Native.Instruments.Battery.3.Artist.Kits
2007/07/09 Native.Instruments.Elektrik.Piano.1.5.Kore1.Sounds
2007/07/09 GibbsCAM.2007.v8.5.15
2007/07/09 Bentley.InRoads.Suite.XM.Edition.v8.09.01.42

2007/07/09 Serious.Magic.Ultra.2.v2.0.2271.0 1DVD
2007/07/09 LinPlug.CronoX.v3.5.Mac/Win 1DVD
2007/07/09 CorelDRAW.Essential.Edition.3.v13.0.0.800.Multilanguage
2007/07/09 Actel.Designer.v8.0 1CD
2007/07/09 PTC.Pro.Engineer.Wildfire.v3.0.M090 1DVD
2007/07/09 Tekla.Structures.v13 1CD
2007/07/09 Dassault.Systemes.CATIA.V5R17.SP6(Win32/64) 2DVD
2007/07/09 MSC.Adams.2007.R1 1CD
2007/07/09 MSC.EASY5.v2005.R1.4 1CD
2007/07/09 Abaqus.v6.7.Win64/Linux64 3CD/3CD
2007/07/09 1DVD
2007/07/09 1DVD
2007/07/09 1DVD
2007/07/09 Videocoppilot.Designer.Sound.FX.500 1DVD
2007/07/09 Artbeats.Caribbean.Beaches.V-Line.NTSC 1DVD
2007/07/09 Dosch.Textures.US.Architecture 1DVD

On June, 23, 2007

Advanced Get 9.1 EOD
KwikPOP for NinjaTrader 6 + manual
MarketDelta (for IB, eSignal, DTN IQFeed, CQG) 8.6.3
Sirtrade 2004 for TS + manual
The Ultimate Trading Machine Complete Set of Courses, TS Indicators &
Daily Updates
TopGun Software + manual
VantagePoint (all modules)


On May, 15, 2007

Metastock 10 Pro for eSignal
OwnTrade for Tradestation 8.x
Grail Software Suite
TrendSignal EOD and RT

On March, 14, 2007

Amibroker 4.90
BWT Zones SP 5.0
DynamicTrader RT 5.0
Elwave 8.0 + all modules
NeoTicker RT 4.0
Tradestation 8.1 SP1 b3264 + OwnData 2.4 (321.940)
Tradestation 8.2 b3863 + OwnData 2.5
Wave59 2.15


Artbeats, Eyewire, Artbeats, Digital.Vision, Digital.Juice, other ...
updated 2007/July/09

Footages & Video Clips

Digital Gallery

Digital Gallery Total 1 0 0 CDs


Loads of GREAT SOFTWARE ( 20,000 plus programs DVDS and CDs),
Anonymous Forum Buddy v2007, Medical PALM pilot programs (AKA PDA
programs), Medical CDs, Database of real estate agents in the USA, and
the Physician and Hospital Database of doctors, dentists,
chiropractors, veterinarians, pharmacies, for USA 2007 EDITION, and
the 19 Millions Vol.14 EMail Address List CD, 2007 EDITION, 2D3D Model
& Textures 3D CDs, 3D Software & NLE Software CDs, Audio Sounds Sample
CDS, AKAI, Band, BASS, BRASS, DRUM, East West, Quantum Leap Symphonic
Orchestra library ( EWQLSO ), FLUT, GIGA, Tascam GigaStudio, GROOVE,
GUITAR, HIP-HIP, HORN, Ideas, JAZZ, KURZWEIL, M-Audio Pro Sessions,
Percussion, Piano, RnB, ( R&B ), ( R and B ), ROLAND, Spectrasonics,
STRINGS, TUB, Ueberschall, Vienna Symphonic Orchestra Pro Performance
( VSL ) ( GIGA, and EXS24 and CUBE ), VIOL, Steinberg Cubase, HALion,
Nuendo, Wavelab, VST, VSTi, Yamaha Vocaloid, CBT NUGGETS, CISCO,
Carsoft, Alldata ServiceCenter, Mitchell, Winworks Autoshop,
AUTOMOTIVE EXPERT, Mazak CPC Software, FANUC Robotics Simulation
GeniE, Patran-Pre, Simo, DeepC ), Copra Roll Forming, Ubeco Profil
Roll Form, CAx, CAD, CAM, CAE, GIS, Roll Forming, electronics, EDA.
LSI, PCB, FPGA, VHDL, &Other Design CDs, Naval Architecture Software
Maxsurf, Autoship, FORAN, Tribon M3, NAPA, Jewelry design Software,
Digital Stock Footage & Clips CDs, DynamicTrader RT 5.0, Elwave 8.0 +
all modules, NeoTicker RT 4.0, Tradestation 8.2 b3863 + OwnData 2.5,
BWT Zones SP 5.0 ( Open Source ) , NeuroShell 5.2 and Add-Ons,
Professional Tradeadvisor 5.0, Ensign 2006, MarketDelta eSignal, Right Line Traders v 2006, Technical Analysis programs
2007-2004 of stocks/commodities/futures markets, Trading, for Traders,
StockMarket, other Financial software, Tutorials & Manual CDs, Win &
Mac programs, 'WinMac', 'PCMaC', 'Win-Mac', 'Multi', 'Multi-Platform',
'MultiFormat', 'MULTIOS', 'HYBRID', CDs, Adobe CS3, 1. 3D Studio Max
( 3Ds Max ) ( 3DsMax ) Plugins Collection, Encyclopedia for 3DSMAX, 2.
After Effects Plugins Collection ] (WINMAC), 3. Avid Xpress DV Plugins
Collection, 4. Lightwave Plugins Collection, 5. Maya Plugins
Collection, Gnomon Maya eTutorials & Manual DVDs & CDs, 6. Photoshop
Plugins Collection,
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