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Bunk Bed Mattress: No More Fighting Over Top Bunk

Little kids love their bunk beds. However, there always seems to be a
fight over who gets top bunk. I don' t know why, it just seems cooler
to be on the top bunk. However, it really all depends on how soft the
mattress is. If the mattress is more comfortable on the top bunk, then
it' s no surprise that a fight will break out over who gets to sleep
on it. If, however, both mattresses are equally comfortable, there
shouldn' t be any fighting at all. It all comes down to how
comfortable the mattresses are. To get equally comfortable bunk bed
mattresses, visit your local bed and mattress store. Tell the clerk
you have a bunk bed and that you' re tired of having your kids fight
over the top bunk. Tell them you need comfortable mattresses and they'
ll be happy to oblige.

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