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timeOday wrote:

> Seerialmom wrote:
>> NEVER put a bag in and walk away, even if you use the "popcorn"
>> button.
> Really? So far my luck with "popcorn" button microwaves has been
> excellent, to the point of making me curious how they work.
> My own microwave is extremely plain (nothing but an analog dial) but
> if it ever breaks I would look for one with a popcorn button.

(On ours, it's an automatic 2-minute timer button)
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> Last night I walked away from the microwave while popping a bag of
> popcorn and didn't hear that kernals had quit popping. I returned a
> minute later--honest, only a minute!!!-only to smell that horrid,
> distinctive odor of burned popcorn. Open the micro and smoke rolled
> out.....
> I doused the offending bag in water immediately....opened the
> windows...sprayed Lysol....put a fan in the window to suck the odor
> out....opened a couple of other windows...scoured the micro as best I
> could (didn't have any lemon juice or baking soda).
> Today the kitchen still reeks....the micro works but IT reeks...and
> the odor is lingering everywhere. I have sprayed Oust (gave up on
> Lysol)....I'm wondering if the microwave should be pitched because
> it's not possible to clean it out inside and will just continue,
> maybe, to be a source of odor?
> Thanks for suggestions!
> Annie
I love odors......all kinds of cooking odors
diesel fumes are one of my favorites......makes me hungry
I could sit behind a truck or VW diesel Rabbit all day
pipe cigar cigarette smoke I like also .......and I dont smoke.
road kill skunks in the morning commute jolt better than coffee any day.....
farm manure.......road side passing thru
jet fuel........JP5 we called it in the Navy
open the windows it will go away


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On 7 Mar 2007 11:23:20 -0800, Seerialmom wrote:

> BTW...burnt popcorn smell is one of those major pet peeves at work.
> NEVER put a bag in and walk away, even if you use the "popcorn"
> button.

Certainly this is a good rule if you're not very familiar with a given
microwave/popcorn combination. We're not terribly far from the office
microwave and there's always that burned smell from time to time. Really I
think its just people trying to get those last few kernels (which is
always a bad idea).

I've use the 'popcorn' button on my microwave for dozens of bags over the
past decade or so with no problem.

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