From: Rod Speed on
Don Klipstein wrote
> Dan Birchall wrote
>> wilma6116(a) (Mrs Irish Mike) wrote

>>>I haven't seen this much of humanity from you
>>> in all the years I've skimmed your replies.

>> As one of the original crew here, I can attest to having seen Rod respond
>> entirely politely and intellectually when someone gives him reason to.

>> I wish more people would do that. ;)

> I have seen Rod respond politely and reasonably in rare cases
> other than being reasonable at first to engage someone that he
> later turns against as part of his usual MO of apparently having a
> hobby of ticking people off, especially those who work for a living.

You're so stupid you havent even noticed that I only put the boot
into fools that try to bullshit their way out of their predicament
when I have pointed out a hole in one of their claims etc.

> He is infamous enough to have a FAQ on him.

Thats done by pathetic little fools that ended with a full 3 deck broadside
when they were stupid enough to keep digging the hole they were already
in, and that particular clown is still desperately licking its wounds quite
literally DECADES after it got fucked over very comprehensively indeed.

> It appears to me a goodly decade old,

Much more than that actually.

> but assuming Rod makes good on his statement to
> not change, his emotional maturity has advanced a
> mere couple years from that which his FAQ is based on.

Corse never ever see this sort of snide peurile stuff from you, eh ?

> Rod's recent statements in this thread don't
> sound like the Rod in the Rod Speed FAQ.

And that should tell even someone as stupid as you something.

> However, most of what he has posted in the past decade does.

You're lying, as always.

No surprise from a clown that has never managed any
better job than delivering pizzas on a bicycle, quite literally.