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TOG(a)Toil wrote:
> On 20 Nov, 07:36, Dr Zoidberg <AlexNOOO!!!> wrote:
>> The Older Gentleman wrote:
>>> I had some twonk use one of my pix once. Got that canned, as well.
>> It's always best when they hotlink to an image you host.
>> Plenty of potential for amusement there.
> Oh yuss. He sold on a bike I sold to him (he turned a nice profit on
> it, too!)

Ah , I see what might have annoyed you more than the photo stealing ;0)


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at 08:41:55 on Fri, 20 Nov 2009, petrolcan <petrolcanSPAM(a)>
>> The classic one I did once was put username in white text on a white
>> background which they duly copied (including my web hosted picture).
>Please tell me that you changed the pic to something suitably offensive.
I didn't really need to cos
a) they pulled his auction
b) it'd have shown on my closed listing

Anyway, I think if you're clever, you can direct the picture to be sent
to an alternate picture. I think it requires you to have a hidden
(something beginning with a dot) file in the home area of your website
to redirect unrecognised requests to an alternate picture (e.g. by
auction number)
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petrolcan says...
> Why is it that people do this?
> Whilst doing a search today I came across a listing that had my text,
> word for word, from an auction that ended last week.
> Naturally I reported it and it's now been removed.

<follow up>

Well, the shister only went and relisted exactly as before. Reported
again and removed.

Then, he bloody well did it again. Thankfully ebay were listenening.

Are there any sanctions placed by ebay if you are found to be copying
another listing?