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Marsha wrote:
> Les Cargill wrote:
>> But how much money does a clothes dryer cost to run? This:
>> says $0.30 per load. A whopping 30 loads a month is
>> $9.00 a month.... I can't imagine 30 loads a month - I
>> run about eight per person in the household...
>> --
>> Les Cargill
> For me, it's not the relatively small cost saving, although that's an
> added benefit. It's that wonderful fresh-air smell and slight stiffness
> from drying towels and a few other things outdoors.

This is very true.

> Air drying also
> saves wear and tear on fabrics. The only things I put in the dryer are
> my dress clothes for work, and they only take about 15 min.
> Marsha

I have had very few articles of clothing actually wear out. I will
continue to use the dryer - I pay for it in my rent.

Les Cargill
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Balvenieman wrote:

> Cult Princess! Hello! <SNIP>

<Grin> Hi. Thanks for all the good tips.


From: MarieD on
<me(a)> wrote in message
> I'm thinking abt selling my clothes dryer and keeping
> the washer only
> I'm single and will be moving a lot and not sure I even
> need a dryer.
> Could you live without a dryer? If yes, how would YOU
> dry your clothes?

I would just hang them outside or in the house over chairs and furniture, or
buy a cheap clothes rack. I did live without a washer/dryer when my first
child was a baby; I washed clothes in the bathtub with detergent and
squeezed them out and hung them over the furniture. Not the best way, but it

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In article <7ksh6oF3binhvU1(a)>,
"Rod Speed" <> wrote:

> Susan Bugher wrote
> > Rod Speed wrote
> > I said "Line dried clothes are stiff and "boardy" if you don't have a good
> > breezy drying day or if you dry them
> > indoors."
> There's much better ways to quote than that.
> >> None of mine are, so it must be the clothes etc you choose to wear.
> > Do you often make these wild leaps to silly conclusions?
> Never ever could bullshit its way out of a wet paper bag.
> > (I note that you wrote in another post that you have good weather for
> > your outdoor line-drying => lots of those "good breezy drying days". I
> > guess you stopped reading what I wrote before you got to the "if".)
> Guess again. I never ever said that its always breezy when I line dry, fool.
> Lets go thru this very very slowly for the terminally stupid.
> My clothes are not stiff and boardy when I line dry them on days with no wind
> at all.

we dry outside on a nice day. No laws against that .... yet !
when it turns rainey , like today, we have "laundry land" .. that is .
in come the clothes and they get hung up near the wood stove.
From: JonquilJan on
My mother lived without a dryer for years. Clothes were hung in the
basement to dry (took a few days) when the weather prohibited them being
hung outdoors (really smelled good that way!)

I use a laundromat (waher and dryer) for convenience - but often rinse/wash
things out by hand and hang them to dry at home.


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