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> zxcvbob <zxcvbob(a)> wrote:
>> Dave Ramsey and others like him tell you to
>> scrounge now so you can live it up later,
> How does he feel abt school loans? Or mortgages? Pay
> as you go.... or borrow?

I don't know about school loans. I assume a 529 plan supplemented by

He says to always get a 15 year fixed mortgage ("don't get a 30 year
mortgage and say you'll pay it off in 15; ain't gonna happen") I
guess I'm a loser for qualifying for a 15 year loan but getting a 20,
then paid it off in 120 months.

I usually agree with most of what he says, like his method of paying
off your debts, etc, but he sure can be obnoxious about it. (At least
he's not as irritating as Suze Orman.) The thing he does that chaps
me the most is assumes a 12% annual return on stock mutual funds. The
annualized rate of return on the S&P 500 for the past 10 years is
actually negative, and most mutual funds haven't even kept up with the

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