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Grab one while you can !
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bargainhunter wrote:
> Grab one while you can !

Having tried a Durabrand DAB radio, I don't like this brand.
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Trust No One� wrote:
It also has an RS-232C port but I have not idea what it is used for.

It's used by the returns department to replace the software when it has
been sent back as faulty. Maybe the user may have an ability to do the
firmware update - but not many current PCs have RS232 ports ...

<ot rant>
For some strange reason I've never been able to fathom out, no set-top
box manufacturer has been able to 'open source' their firmware and offer
the net community the chance to develop improvements. This especially
applies to manufacturers that have products with a linux kernal in the
gubbings - they may publish their mods (have to under GPL), but then
they lock the user access to the firmware with an unhackable security
protocol the Bank of England would be proud of.
</ot rant>

Next year the same box will be probably available for a fiver ...

Adrian C
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On 29 jun, 21:57, PCPaul <u...(a)> wrote:
> On Sun, 29 Jun 2008 18:24:03 +0100, Trust No One® wrote:
> > bargainhunter wrote:
> >> Grab one while you can !
> > I picked up an el-cheapo Clarity freeview box from my local Tesco today
> > for 12.97.
> > Bare bones with a single scart as the only output option other than RFin
> > and RF-out. It also has an RS-232C port but I have not idea what it is
> > used for.
> > Very basic but for the price I can't complain.
> You'll be lucky if you get the Freeview signal on the RF-out port.
> Usually it just sucks what it needs from RF-in and passes the signal on -
> often called 'RF-loopthrough'.
> SCART is usually the only choice - an RF modulator adds many pennies to
> the base price, and margins muct be incredibly tight on these things.

humax do them with modulators. good kit , don't lock up etc. too, but
pricier. ... you get what you pay for!
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