From: PeteIvy on
Ok I've ben trying to get a refund from Ebay and been having a bit of a
I'll try and keep this short!
Checked my account mid dec and saw that I had run up quite a bill. As I had
over �400 in my paypal account, I decided to just pay it all up to date! A
grand total of �257.33!!!! I was a bit concerned as they hadn't taken the
money from my paypal account as that is how I have it set up. Later that
day, they take �142.85 which was my last outstanding invoice! So I ask for a
refund. This was the 16th Dec. I get an email back saying that the refund
can take up to 60 days!!!
I asked for the �257.33 to be refunded and I would just pay the next
invoiuce when it comes around. I hear nothing for almost a week. This
annoyed me as I wanted to get money to my bank account for Xmas. No such
luck. I had �93 refunded mid January.
I requested the rest get rufunded but got nowhere. Two weeks ago, they made
an adjustment in my account. I was something like �180 in credit with Ebay.
They put the refund on my account so I was then about �90 in credit. They
then proceeded to make adjustments and I end up showing that I owe them
about �90.
I emailed them 2 weeks ago and am still waiting on a reply! Get my invoice
this morning as they are wanting payment for what I owe them and the way I
see it now we should be quits!

Not happy
Sorry, rant over!


From: A C on
If the account is in constant use, I don't think you have asked for a
refund, as this gives them opportunity to add 'adjustments' for none
existent items.

We had a similar problem last month where the fee's taken via Paypal where
not added to the account & we paid the fee's manually & asked for a refund
back to paypal & now its shows �28 'adjustment'.

I think its best to leave it in credit & use the funds for next months fee's



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