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>>>> Haven't a clue about them, but need one desperately
>>> If you don't have a clue, how do you know you need one?
>>Because my PC tells me, like its says " your memory is low"
> Ah. That's a different kettle of fish. Maybe. It could be your virtual
> memory, in which case you need more ram.
> Right click on your C drive and look at properties, it should show you how
> much you have free. Unless it's under a gigabyte I don't think you'd get
> that message.
> And if your hard drive is running out of space, you really need a 2nd
> drive internally to be fast enough unless you just want to store
> documents, files, whatever. Looking at your statement below, that may be
> what you want. You could store them on an external drive and move them
> over to your internal drive to run. But first be sure what your PC is
> telling you.
> Doug
>>>> What should I look out for and what. I have to store my music/films on
>>>> that's all. I do have a large collection though
>>> Common sense would dictate you buy a good quality make (WD, Seagate,
>>> etc.)
>>> and make sure it's large enough for your needs. Other than that there's
>>> not much difference between them.
>>> Are you sure you need an external one?
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>> I just sling a regular ATA drive into empty Sumvision USB 2.0 caddies I
>> buy from <>. Watch
>> out for Firewire/1394 caddies (e.g.
>> <>) as many of them use a
>> ATA-to-Firewire/USB bridge chipset whose Firewire implementation is
>> problematic for many people, myself included (the USB side works fine,
>> though).
> ...
> Hello Alex
> Nice to hear from you again. I was recently trying to check up on the
> current state of play re the firewire interface problem after an very
> helpful exchange we had about it on this group some time ago. It seems
> to have become a very complicated issue - did you ever identify an
> external hard drive firewire interface which was reliable?

I can't remember if I'm repeating what I said then, but it seems
enclosures that use the Oxford Semiconductor chipset are the ones to go
for. Googling for 'oxford semiconductor 1394 external', 'oxford firewire
enclosure' and the like finds this Plumax enclosure for one:

> I had to give up using the casings from SVP - using USB2 they just
> weren't fast enough for DV editing.

I can imagine; I only get 30MByte/s from a drive that used to get
~50-60MByte/s when it was connected to an internal PATA controller. That's
good enough for my requirements, though.

> I have been thinking about trying a Gigabit network drive instead. Any
> opinion on that?

I'd imagine the choice of network protocol and its implementation, both in
the drive and in the OS you're using would be the most significant factor
for performance.

> Best wishes
> PaulF

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