From: Kim Andrews on
Peter Crosland wrote:
>> ShielaS wrote:
>>> Thats very odd, I could swear that the first time I clicked this link
>>> there was no phone number - just clicked again and there it is! Thanks!
>> Have you become a powerseller in the meantime? I know you were looking at
>> the advantages, perhaps this is another one?
> It is not the power seller number but a different one.
> Peter Crosland
So I gathered. But that doesn't mean that being a powerseller isn't a
significant contributory factor to being able to see it.

As it's vanished again for Shiela anyway, it's all pretty moot!

Kimbo xx
From: Grimly Curmudgeon on
We were somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the
drugs began to take hold. I remember Kevin F Stubbs
<kevin_f.stubbs(a)> saying something like:

>> Which means it is only displayed to invitees.
>Could be true, though eBay did post a contact number in clear view
>recently. Though I cannot remember where it was.
>For the record, lists three numbers for eBay in their
>Main Database:
>02086053000 This is their main reception number. I've used this one.
>02086053028 Law Enforcement Hotline - Police only ?
>02086053111 Powerseller Support - Gold Powersellers only.

020 8080 2105 Is what's coming up for me on the Contact Us page.


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