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In what is perhaps the most shocking announcement made in some time
regarding the vast world of the Internet, a New York doctor has just
released a very private "secret" he's been using since the earliest
days of targeted paid advertising at search engines.

He admitted without hesitation that he's gotten over $87 million in
pay-per-click advertising over the last nearly 8 years at such search
engines as Google™,; Overture, MSN, Yahoo and others, and resulting
in his having amassed a $300 million fortune!

In the past 2 years alone he's netted over $166 million as a result of
what he calls a very simple "oversight" promoters online have
altogether missed.

So valuable this "oversight" has proven that he's finally decided to
share it with the rest of us.

And his timing couldn't be better!...

- Since going public Google's ads haven't become any cheaper!
- Other paid-for search engine advertising at large is rising faster
than inflation can keep up!

"Back in the day" even an affiliate could just go to some website,
sign up free to sell some product (such as with Amazon stores or the
vast ebooks at ClickBank) and then just place a small 4-line pay-per-
click ad, fine tune it, and then sit back and make money on autopilot.

But with rising costs this is getting much, much harder, and has
literally seen the demise of many, many affiliate businesses go
completely under.

But now with the release of this New Englander's super-secret,
webmasters, promoters, both big and small business owners, as well as
affiliates with shoestring budgets are back in the game!

When asked why he kept this "oversight" secret, the New Yorker
responded "I knew I had a good thing, quite possibly a monopoly over
any market I cared to try ... I made a success of 16 web businesses in
less than a decade ... do you honestly blame me? ..."

But now he's decided to share his know-how as he knows that doing so
doesn't take a single dollar away from his $300 million fortune, and
it won't cause widespread usage to the degree that it will even put a
dent in search engine activity.

To be sure the good doctor had the sense to consult several Internet
experts and "macroeconomists" just to be on the safe side.

Additionally, you should know that nothing about his secret either
robs search engines (so you don't have to fear Google™ coming after
you!) or is anything about it illegal in any other way.

What you may even find strangely surprising about his secret is the
fact that it actually "helps" search engines make even more money!
(You'll have to see it for yourself to understand how this is actually

So if you think you're smarter than most people, then here's your
chance to prove it to everybody else! Just grab the good doctor's
secret for yourself at:

But I feel it only fair to warn you that this doctor fellow from New
England is a tad eccentric and self-admittedly "moody" and he's
threatened to withdraw this secret at some point soon without so much
as a single day's notice ... (Northerners!)

So if I were you I'd not take any chances because although he may keep
it available for the next 2 months, he may also take it off the market
just 2 days from now (and then you'll kick yourself saying "Dad-
gummit! I knew I should have grabbed that when I had the chance!" ...
so don't let this happen).

Also keep this in mind...
How many times since the commercial release of the Worldwide-Web have
you seen sudden "breakthroughs" of great fortune-making potential come
and go where just a few people were in the right place at the right
time to be able to take advantage of them? -- You're right ... very,
very few.

So don't overlook this email as it may very well prove to be one of
the most influential and important ones you've ever received...

My best wishes for a successful business.
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