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> it took me like an hour to read all these!.
> The lock will work upside down, but is designed to work so that the
> teeth on the key are up when inserted into the lock.
> The kwikset cylinder is constructed with plastic parts

No it isn't.

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>>> On Fri, 19 Jan 2007 09:12:16 -0500, Stormin Mormon wrote:
>>> > It's becomign clear. You are a cheapskate and buying locks at
>>> > Home Cheepo
>>> Why so cruel?
>> CY: Cause people like you don't hire people like me to come out
>> and do the work that I studied and trained to do.
>Do you paint your own house? Clean your own house? Fix your own car? Wash
>your own car? Do any of your own home reapirs? Mow your lawn? Unstop your
>own tiolet or sinks? If the answer to any of the above is yes then you are
>no different than the person you're whining at. There are people that do all
>those things for profit. You are taking money out of their pocket, you cheap
>greedy SOB.

I do some of those things. What's my money doing in their pockets in
the first place?
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> It's becomign clear.
You are a cheapskate and buying locks at
> Home Cheepo (And you bought the junky Tylos instead of the medium
> grade ones or the Titans.)

When she could have bought the same junk from you after you bought it from
Home Depot and marked it up.

Since it wasn't costing you anything
> but your time, you post a series of questions to Usenet. Asking
> for us, for free, to teach you something that locksmiths all
> across US do as part of their trade.

Why the hell do you think usenet is here?

> Then, back to Home Cheepo, and engage three of their people for a
> period of time. To get them to do what any good locksmith

That leaves you out.

> have done simply, nearly effortlessly, and as part of his (her)
> job.
> I'm starting to understand why some of the tradesmen on other
> lists say "call a locksmith (or tradesman as the case needs)"
> instead of doing internet teaching for free.
You idiot that was the net advice of your very first post on this subject.

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> I personally don't see what you're getting all worked up
> about ?
> this is "alt.locksmithing"
> the guy wasn't asking defeating instructions.
> also
> home depot is not any locksmiths competition.
> --
> "Key"
> ========

It's Chris's competition. They sell locks and AC units and don't know
anything to speak of about either, just like him.

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> On Fri, 19 Jan 2007 09:12:16 -0500, Stormin Mormon wrote:
> > It's becomign clear. You are a cheapskate and buying locks at
> > Home Cheepo
> Why so cruel?
> What's wrong with learning?

Stormy tries to learn as little as possible, and he is very successful at

> What's wrong with Home Depot?

Home Depot trainees make more than Stormy does and it pisses him off. Home
Depot is a successful company with stores all over America, Stormy is an
unsuccessful wannabe locksmith and HVAC tech with a store out of his house.
That pisses him off as well.

> What's wrong with helping others on the usenet?
> I saw scores of other people in Home Depot and here that knew as little as
> I about locks. Are we all "cheapskates" just for shopping at Home Depot
> asking questions on the usenet?

You should have hired stormy to do it. After he broke the kwikset, your
door, the frame and probably some other assorted stuff around your house
nobody could call you a cheapskate anymore with what you'd be paying to fix

> I don't even KNOW where a good place to buy home hardware is other than
> Home Depot or OSH or Sears.

For locks a locksmith is your best bet, unless you want the cheap F line
stuff like kwikset etc. In general they won't match the box stores price on

A door lock seems like a common enough
> household item that Home Depot or OSH should stock the ones that you
> suggest. Plus, based on this discussion, I was under the impression that I
> could leave the door KNOB as a weak lock as long as the deadbolt was a
> stronger lock.

None of the low grade locks you find at the local hardware store are all
that secure.

> Are the Tylo deadbolts also succeptible to the cylinder removal puller?

No. Just the knob locks.

> As per your suggestion, I'll go back to Home Depot and ask for the
> but I don't remember seeing the name of the lock anywhere on the Kwikset
> package. I think I'm stuck with Kwikset for now because of all my five
> latches.
> Does anyone know if Home Depot sells the Kwikset Titans?

Yes in most places.

> Especially the grade 2 or grade 1 deadbolts which I am banking my security
> on?

If there is a grade 1 anything sold under the Titan name it's news to me.
Titan is a glorified kwikset.

> If so, we ALL can go back to Home Depot to switch out our deadbolts
> (although with a glass door, even with a deadbolt, I wonder how much it
> really matters to have grade 1 locks).
> Sandra

For normal residential use in a glass foor it doesn't matter that much. Get
an alarm and/or use security laminate on the glass so it takes them some
time to smash it.