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> You can't pop the cylinder out with a screw driver. Takes a
> special tool.

No it doesn't.

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> How do we flip a left-hand Kwikset lock so it works on a right-hand door?
> I bought a set of Kwikset Security locks which advertise "Fits All Doors" &
> "Easy Installation". The Kwikset lock package contained two left-hand keyed
> knobs and two deadbolts.
> The problem is there is NOTHING on the package that indicates the two keyed
> knobs are set up for left-handed doors (those with the hinge on the left).
> My outside doors are right-hand doors (they have the hinge on the right).
> It's crazy to me that Kwikset doesn't even SAY on the package that all my
> lock cylinders will be upside down unless I can figure out how to switch
> the Kwikset lock from being a left-hand knob to a right-hand knob.
> Do you know how?
> I googled only to find a very tough to follow description of the lock knob
> keyhole reversing procedure sans pictures at
> Is there a PHOTOGRAPH or DIAGRAM of how to reverse a quickset lock that is
> set up for a left-hand door to have the keyhole right-side up for a
> right-hand door?
> The instructions have room for Spanish, English, and French, but no room to
> tell us how to install the lock such that the keyhole is right-side up.
> Is the procedure to flip the Kwikset keyhole documented (with pictures)?

I bought the same thing today and need to know the same thing! All my
keyholes are upside down... erg... I havent found anything yet...