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"timothy" <timothydalton6(a)> wrote in message
> hi
> grab this offer now

Unfortunately this is a SCAM site! If you do not have suitable security on
computer you will find out what happens as you will be redirected through a
number of sites that are trying to lift cookie information and saved user
names & passwords.

The site redirects you to a KNOWN pest/virus/scam site - They pay sites to redirect traffic to them. This
is why a lot of
voucher code sites refuse to work, because most have no real content and the
are making thousands every year from idiots looking for a code.

If you run one of the paid-for security programs or a HOSTS list, it will
block the
connection to that site in order to stop it pushing a virus on to you or
stealing the
information you use to log in to other sites, PayPal and Ebay for example.
click on a link because of a TINY free sample, the companies behind this
sort of
site rely on fat stupid greedy people clicking and trying to get what they
can for free.

To protect yourself you need to get a "FREE" HOSTS list that will stop your
computer being redirected to known SCAM/SPYWARE/PEST and VIRUS sites.
You can get one here --->
*ANY* site this list prevents you from connecting to is a deliberate site
set up
to harm your computer and steal information.

So don't go clicking on everything when you see the word FREE, look at it
and see if the offer is genuine or the sites want information for Identity
Thefts. The
person who posted this offer obviously doesn't have much common sense or
experience of the Internet. Some users will set up a scam site and spam
as they know the idiots will click on anything and everything.