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On Nov 23, 3:34 pm, "GB" <NOTsome...(a)> wrote:
> Our Freeview box has packed up, and I'm looking for a replacement. I was
> wondering whether to get something with a hard disk inside to record
> programmes on. Also, do I need one with two tuners, so I can watch one
> programme whilst recording another?
> Any suggestions for what is good, please?

for simply watching tv, most should suffice. Be wary of the smaller
ones and the cheap ones for 20 quid, which run very hot and as such
have a shorter lifespan. You get what you pay for.
Also I really recommend getting one with 2 AV sockets so you an
connect a DVD or video easily. Especially handy if your telly only has
one scart input, as they have a 'pass thru' function which acts as a
scart switcher.

You might want to spend more on a better box but instead of a hard
drive, save some cash and get a good branded second hand video
recorder, widely available even on your local freecycle group. For
simply taping stuff to watch later its still a nice cheap option.