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we accept paypal pay . you don't need worry thanks a lot!------------- Our Website:http:// ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ ---------IBM ThinkPad T60p 2.33GHz T7600 2GB 100GB 7200 15" UXGA 1580U $------ -------------------------------------... 7 May 2007 05:20
reducing utility bills
My electricity consumption for a month is shown as 297KWH(KiloWattHour) which is far too much considering my usage in Tallahassee,FL,U.S. We are governed by the City of Utilities(http:// in our area 1. I have two 75W bulbs which are on about 40hours/week. 2. I have two 60W bulbs which are... 20 May 2007 01:47
Cutivate Eczema Lotion
Free $20 coupon for prescription strength Cutivate Lotion. Cutivate Lotion relieves extremely dry, itchy, inflamed skin. Limit one coupon per sign up. -- The Best Freebies All freebies are available at ... 10 Apr 2007 20:35
Straddle Forex EA!
The Ultimate Straddle EA! Straddles the open with two pending orders. When one is tripped, the other is automatically cancelled. Can use either stop or limit orders so useful for both ranging and trending markets. Great for NEWS trading! Other variables as well including trailing stop and requote parameters. Solid ... 31 Mar 2007 18:50
best public NNTP Usenet server?
Anybody know of a good public NNTP Usenet server that allows posting? I'm currently using, and it is often down for 3 or more days at a time. ... 3 Apr 2007 02:11
How soon do almonds in the shell go bad?
I found a bag I bought a year ago. It was kept at a cool room temperature (found during Passover cleaning). -- Binyamin Dissen <bdissen(a)> Should you use the mailblocks package and expect a response from me, you should preauthorize the domain.... 26 Mar 2007 11:50
Free Pfizer Pedometer
Walking is a great exercise for heart health. And experts suggest taking about 10,000 steps every day. Getting a Pfizer Pedometer is a great first step. United States residents only. -- The Best Freebies All freebies are available at ... 24 Mar 2007 18:56
fluorescent light question
In old style long fluorescent tubes, you had the tube plus the starter & the choke/ballast. What's happened to the starter & the choke/ballast in the current compact models? Also I had heard that the old style tubes were more efficient than regular bulbs. But if you frequently turn on & off then they are no l... 24 Mar 2007 14:46
Goodbye Wristwatch. Hello iPods.
Most people nowadays do own one piece or more of an electronic and portable gadget like the iPod or a mobile phone. However, the thing is, with the onslaught of such gadgets and devices in the market place, other things are set aside. Like wristwatches for example. ... 10 Apr 2007 22:08
Anderson, Alaska giving away free land
People are apparently lining up early Monday morning at Anderson City Hall for a chance to buy free lots. The story was in today's Anchorage Daily News , but better to check the city's official web site at{6CFBB21F-BBF2-4DC4-936C-6486... 20 Mar 2007 07:31
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