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Robert Reich says we are 11,000,000+ jobs behind in economy,article link
On Apr 15, 6:36 am, seeker <mothman20052...(a)> wrote: Meantime, in 2009 Uncle Suckemoff issued over 1 million work permits for foreign workers!! Best thing would be total economic collapse then a total rebuild. Only fools see any long-term usefulln... 16 Apr 2010 09:32
Some benefits after returning to U.S.A
An american friend who is just coming up for retirement after working nearly all his life in Japan, is thinking that he will only be allowed to continue working at his present company in Japan if they pay him less than half of what he is currently earning. That reduced money would be a big struggle for him to s... 15 Apr 2010 22:38
Do you know what would happen if you gave a bunch of bananas to a bunch of monkeys?
No, I don't know either, but we can make some educated guesses by looking at their closest cousins --us. What will happen is that some monkeys will try to eat more bananas -- the lion's share-- while others go hungry. Some call it "human nature," but I bet monkeys act like that too. So, say we have 10 bananas ... 18 Apr 2010 22:00
What is a good recipe for home made carbonated cola (with a similar kick as coca cola or pepsi)?
On Mon, 12 Apr 2010 17:05:23 -0400, mm wrote: Anyone have an easy recipe for home made carbonated cola (with a similar kick as coca cola or pepsi)? What you could do is buy the cola commerically, open the containers and remove the water through evaporation or assisted evaporation. Then add wh... 15 Apr 2010 01:37 $65 purch $200 s&h?
Did I do something wrong? I thought I got some stuff at a good price and at checkout, the shipping was almost foru times the price of merchandise. I hope th eorder didn't go through, I'm pretty sure I cancelle dit, but I feel bothered by it - = - Vasos Panagiotopoulos, Columbia'81+, Reagan, Mozart, ... 15 Apr 2010 13:42
Doctor getting kickbacks?
"peewee" <pewee_invalid(a)> wrote in message news:hq5dlj$3rq$1(a) I am contemplating surgery. I have a surgeon that uses one of the outpatient surgery centers to do his work and he typically does thousands of the same operation a year at this same place. I have reason to th... 20 Apr 2010 17:25
TibetanMonkey goes to war!
Face it, it's a war zone on our roads, and nothing like having the real thing... Yep, it's real tempting to have such a vehicle loaded with bananas ready to throw at drivers who ignore me as a real soldier of the VELORUTION. --------... 14 Apr 2010 12:17
Jesus would have driven a van!
On Apr 12, 3:35 pm, Walt <wka...(a)> wrote: All would confess Christ as the Son of God because he made it from Jerusalem to Rome in an Econoline on one tank of gas (because of course no gas stations). And needless to say unlimited fish, bread and wine at every rest area. But this raises a lo... 12 Apr 2010 18:13
Rugs Repair, Carpet Cleaning, Rug Repair and Restoration Company London
Rugs – Fine Oriental Rugs, Persian rugs, Antique rugs, prayer rugs, carpet. Restoration and repair of rugs and carpets in London at affordable services. We also provide home delivery services. Please contact for details ... 12 Apr 2010 07:03
Weird credit score number
We are in the process of renewing our home equity line of credit. Today in the mail we got notice of our credit score. The letter said that credit scores range between 300 to 850, then stated that our score was 00874. What kind of a number is that? It has two zeros to start with and doesn't fall within the ... 11 Apr 2010 20:12
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