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Octagon Dish Detergent Gone?
It appears that Colgate has stopped making the relatively cheap Octagon dish detergent. I have observed its disappearance from all local stores and web sites that sell it. Can anyone confirm this? Is there anyone out there making their own dish detergent or soap? ... 11 Jul 2010 12:44
MSN article: "So you won the lottery; now what?" Excerpt: (snip) If you value your privacy, you may have the option to collect your winnings without a news conference, although your name and hometown typically must be made public. Another tip... 6 Jul 2010 13:27
Technical Analysis Software (TOP 30 - July 2010)
6000 technical analysis programs, indicators, trading systems (with open codes), books, courses, seminars (48 DVD) ================================================ DISCOUNT 25% -> 7-14 July 2010 <- DISCOUNT 25% ================================================ TOP 30: ======= TradeStation 8... 5 Jul 2010 17:51
Where to find outdoor bathrobe hooks (brass? bronze?) for a good price?
I would like a dozen outdoor bathrobe hooks but all the ones I found were either cheap plated hooks or very expensive designer brass or bronze designs. The hooks would be arranged on a dozen foot-wide square wooden posts which ring a small pool. Do you know of a simple relatively inexpensive outdoor hook suppl... 5 Jul 2010 23:19
Scary, but exciting...
On Jun 30, 3:37 am, Heidi Graw <hg...(a)> wrote: This is in regards to my anti-HST advocacy and my call for a BC HST Consumerism Boycott: Someone wrote: And it looks like BC's (& Usenet's) own Heidi Graw is >championing the cause big time. 2 Jul 2010 22:23
cyclists are pack animals but there's little solidarity
On Jul 2, 12:29 am, geo...(a) (Geoff Miller) wrote: A dog.  Definitely, a dog.  And deservedly so. Why?  Because dogs don't go out of their way to get in the way of traffic. Geoff That's a BAD BOY right there. Can we call Dog Whisperer on you? If we unleashed the POWER OF THE PACK on y... 2 Jul 2010 10:16
I think my Monk Parrot is Buddha reincarnate
It is said that Dalai Lama is the chosen one, but I have my doubts. This Quaker/Monk Parrot I got looks wise, gentle and sits on a perch for hours, just like Buddha did. Then it came to me of all people in the world. The Wise Tibetan Monkey, philosopher of the hammock, with the Monk Bird, who brought the message... 1 Jul 2010 11:10
Fox news pandering to illegal aliens. Their boss Rupert Murdoch is an amnesty booster.
On Jun 30, 8:24 pm, "Jeff Strickland" <crwlrj...(a)> wrote: <tripletask(a)> wrote in message news:m8qm26h521sbrul7gs3tnob6p69tdjic8j(a) On Wed, 30 Jun 2010 08:11:07 -0700 (PDT), brad herschel <bradhersc...(a)> wrote: 1 Jul 2010 00:16
Sony Vaio laptops recalled due to burn hazard ... 30 Jun 2010 14:19
The U.S. housing industry can't survive unless it resumes granting mortgages to deadbeats. ... 26 Jun 2010 20:43
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