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paid $10.99 shipping on $9.99 SD card
Recently, we had our ~1 year old digital camera stolen, so I went back to, to purchase another refurbished one for $99 plus ship. They charge $10.99 for shipping. It seemed a little high, but that's only about 11% of the order total, so I figured ok. I also added on a 4GB class 6 SD card for $9.... 7 Nov 2009 18:33
Download for FREE fotos, music, software, games, videos, movies and much more
Hi Everyone, you can download for FREE all the fotos, music, software, games, videos and much more from Stream Guide is a search engine that searches for FREE from millions of available files on the internet. Give it a try!! Click here ... 4 Nov 2009 14:17
Hureon Consulting Free Consumer Information DVD's
Hureon Consulting is now offering Consumer Information DVD’s are aimed at providing consumers with information to recover from financial hardships, without spending their hard earned savings on hiring a company to provide services they can do on their own for free. These Consumer Information DVD’s are offered fre... 4 Nov 2009 10:55
diy rack for oven problem
When making casseroles in the microwave combination oven, I try to fill the oven right up; so as to be frugal with electricity. Although some casserole dishes come with lids, I find that these fairly close fitting lids usually create a build up of pressure and some of the liquid then squirts out, all over the... 6 Nov 2009 17:06
anyone think of a solution to this clinical trials problem?
I need money quite badly,and saw a clinical trial offering about £1000 for 6 days. The only problem is that I have a history of depression,and in the past my doctors reports have stopped me from taking part. does anyone know of a work-around this problem? All i can think of is going online and finding a GP in some ... 5 Nov 2009 22:24
Finally a Price Dropped for Me
I was getting tired of hearing about "deflationary pressures" and the "lack of inflation", when all the stuff I buy was going up. Well, finally I saw a price DROP on something I buy. Motor oil went from $9.50 for a 5 quart bottle down to $8.00 !!! Woowee !! Not kidding. ... 2 Nov 2009 16:55
free traffic
After having announced a slew of hardware updates in the last week, the company with the plan, Apple, has moved on to software updates by introducing the ... 1 Nov 2009 04:38
Wireless Speakers
Understanding Audio equiptment is new to me but this is the information that I have so far. A Listen LT 800 broadcasts at 216.1250 Mhz. Can that be picked up on an ordinary radio? If not, are there wireless speakers that are tuned to that frequency? We want to put them in halls and classrooms. Any leads appr... 2 Nov 2009 01:27
U.S. government to steal one hour
it's not fair. ;) ... 4 Nov 2009 12:03
Frugal Carpet Cleaning Solution For Steam Cleaners?
I am planning on renting one of those RugDoctor carpet cleaners from Wal-Mart but would like to avoid purchasing their cleaning solution too... This site: recommends using equal parts of white vinegar and warm water in order to make some c... 1 Nov 2009 08:57
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