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> But can you block people with private feedback from bidding ?

No. And it's not valid grounds for cancelling a bid either, although you can
try. It won't prevent a snipe and if you choose not to deliver, you risk an
NPS strike.

> Does anyone know if the time limit for leaving feedback is still three
> months ?

60 days.

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>>>> I will never risk buying another mobile phone via eBay.
>>> Selling them is just as bad - it's where you are most likely to find the
>>> scum and idiots (on both sides of the deal) on ebay
>> You're far better off selling them to one of the reputable online
>> companies.
> That depends a lot on the handset.
> We had a whole bunch of Nokia 6300s to shift and got �39 each from Mazuma
> Mobile , compared to about �50 as a normal final price on Ebay.
> It just wouldn't be worth the hassle of trying to list 60 individual
> phones for the potential couple of quid each extra you'd get after fees.
> We also had a few Nokia E71 smartphones - the best I could get from any
> online buyer was �79 , but on ebay they will fetch twice that in good
> condition.
> --
> Alex

Mobile phones (new) are what I used to sell on ebay, about 180 a month, just
before I gave up. Buyers of mobile phones are the most unreasonable people
on earth and when ebay started weighing every thing in their favour, that
was it. Take it from me, what ever you get extra from selling a secondhand
phone on ebay just isn't worth the lottery.

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