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On Wed, 13 Jan 2010 00:09:38 -0600, Lady Veteran <armyvet(a)>

|>>Almost as bad as spamming NGs in a country where these companies don't
|>A long time ago I was part of the security team at Sears and they had
|>the same policy on their returns. We were required to use everything
|>from scissors to a sledge hammer to destroy product. They didn't want
|>anyone to be able to use this merchandise. I suggested a charity
|>donation but management said no. Never found out why.

Right!...Management is run by governing laws of 100+ years ago, that are
interpreted to date and enforced by crazy people....

That's disgusting, unless the product was defunct to the core,
therefore not feasibly reparable by anyone.

A lot of ppl still repair CRT monitors, but mostly if there is a
missing color, and a transistor is replaced...a bit of work, but cost about
$2. Plasma screens are irreparable low on energy but 10X the price of a CRT
monitor.......this "war" has been going on for about 25 years....

A lot of "recycling" centers around the world check to see if a
possibly of resurrection is possible, otherwise they tear down and recycle
the status of raw element.