From: Don Klipstein on
In <bn3qn.54237$mn6.1081(a)newsfe07.iad>, lil abner wrote, apparently
because it has been popular lately to bash high fructose corn sweetener:


The study does claim more weight gain from HFCS despite lack of increase
of calorie consumption in comparison to table sugar.

That sounds to me like a very tall claim.

The above link includes a link to what appears to me to be a rebuttal,
based in part on lack of sucrose controls for part of the study's short
term experiments and all of its long term experiments. If this part of
the rebuttal cannot be disproven, then the above study is blown out of the
It's a shame that this rebuttal comes from a biased party (the Corn
Refiners Association) and appears to me to have a bit of "stretching" of
its own (especially claiming inapplicability of rat results to humans).

- Don Klipstein (don(a)