From: Collins Thaddeus on
Hureon Consulting is now offering Consumer Information DVD’s are aimed
at providing consumers with information to recover from financial
hardships, without spending their hard earned savings on hiring a
company to provide services they can do on their own for free.

These Consumer Information DVD’s are offered free of charge to
consumers that may be facing foreclosure on their home, trying to
establish new credit, or facing a wage garnishment. Included in these
free consumer information DVD’s are tips to guide the consumers
through the process, and all the forms needed to complete all

The free DVD’s being offered focus on the top four financial problems
facing consumers today, these include home loan modification for
consumers facing foreclosure or a higher rate adjustment, debt
negotiation to pay off debt, credit repair that helps them clear their
credit in as little as 30 days, and tax settlement that teaches them
to settle IRS tax problems.

There is finally one place that consumers can go to get the
information they need to guide them through financial
hardships, for more information visit