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me(a) wrote
> Rod Speed <> wrote

>> Yes, you chose the wrong field. That
>> isnt true of the medical services industry.

> So would you recommend a person to get into healthcare now days Rod?

Yes, its one area where most of the work cant be readily exported
and the demand for those services will keep increasing.

> Bottom line...where ARE the jobs in the USA say in two years?
> Healthcare, engineering, etc?

One obvious area with engineering is the alternative
stuff with the US pouring quite a bit of money into that.

I think health care has much better prospects tho.

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Shaun Eli wrote:
> Food and wine. That's what saving all the money on everything else is
> for!

I'm inclined to agree.

About twice a week out to a restaurant and a day trip over the
weekend. But then I live in a city with lots of restaurant and
entertainment choices. Everything else is dead frugal.

If you are not living it up a bit, what's the point.


> Shaun Eli
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Les Cargill <lcargill99(a)> wrote:

>Nobody should be a programmer. I used to think it took five years, but
>I was wrong - it takes ten years, and they won't leave the toolchain
>under you long enough for that to happen.

please explain ok
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The problem with this whole exchange is your denying the obvious, that
retail prices will fall when expense of the income tax is removed from
American business. It is a law of business that competition sets the
price - you may want to keep the old price and pocket that 22%, but
you'll have a competitor that will pass along the savings, so you'll
either have to lower your price in order to sell your widget, or
you'll go out of business. That's just the way it works. If you keep
clinging to your view, then we have nothing to talk about. You're
just wrong on this one.
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On Mon, 2 Nov 2009 02:16:43 -0800 (PST), Rally2xs <rally2xs(a)>

>I just mean that we're headed for a 3rd world economy - no industry, a
>very, very wealthy class, and a very, very poor class, and nobody in

Yep, there's a chasm that's only getting wider. We cut our throats
when we off shored most of our manufacturing.

I love cooking with wine.
Sometimes I even put it in the food.