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Amazing, truly amazing...

On Aug 13, 5:00 pm, Walt <wka...(a)> wrote:
> He keeps it fresh by two-timing us with other universes.

Of course, the can bend the laws of physics. It is said he can travel
faster than the speed of light, which shows how ignorant Einstein

> Hell keeps the angels honest.

Or else. Any opposition goes to hell.

> God is ambidextrous of course.

That's when he bothers to his hands. His brain power can down an
airplane or make an Empire fall or rise.

> Omniscience blows the whole secret ballot thing. God just gets
> reelected on voice votes (heaven has really good acoustics). Even
> though almost nobody says "nay", God makes their feathers itchy just
> to be catty. Deep down, he's still that nasty smite-on-a-whim old
> testament guy.

I thought he would relinquish his power to Jesus someday to create a
nice world based on love, not rage. You never know what he got in the

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