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>> Fantasy, burger flippers dont get social services.

> In Austin they do.


> Anybody making less than $10.50/hour qualifies for
> medical, dental, and $5/$10 prescriptions from the City.

Thats a lie.

Pity they get paid more than that too.

> Look up "Medical Assistance Program" (MAP).
> IIRC, you're familiar with Austin.

> As you get down towards part-time minimum wage,

Burger flippers dont.

> you get food stamps (nationally).

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> >>>> Food handling should be a highly paid occupation so valued that the
> >>>> workers would never risk being fired. They should make as much as
> >>>> a hair stylist or a car salesman. People's lives are at stake.
> >>> I agree, but for differenct reason's. Highly paid peope are less
> >>> to make mistake's on the order, and not serve you the correct food.
> >> Pure fantasy.
> >>> This is the prioity in my opinion because, the food is all cooked
> >> Plenty of it isnt, most obviously with the salads.
> >>> so the chance's of getting sick are pretty much 0% percent.
> >> Even sillier.
> >>> Also, people who are peid more money are likely to
> >>> work there a longer time meaning, they have more
> >>> practice at teh job and will serve the food a lot faster.
> >> The real way it got faster with fast food is with automation.
> >>> Incompetant teen's can take over twice as long to get the food ready.
> >> But its their low wages that make the fast food so cheap.
> > Bullshit.
> Fact.
> > Fast-food place's sell BILLIONS of dollars every year.
> Irrelevant to that point.
> > They certainly can afford to pay thier worker's $20 dollar's and hour
> Yes, and that would inevitably result in significantly more
> expensive fast food because that is their major cost.

Bullshit. What part of "The increase in customer service quolity will
couse a DRAMATIC increase in sale's, which would EASILY cover teh cost of
the extra food. Higher quolity food and service for the customer, higher
paid wages for employee's, more business for the company. EVERYBODY WINS.

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> >> >I just don't know what Taco Bell has done to their food but it's
> >> >making our stomachs upset. We have eaten Taco Bell for many years but
> >> >recently we've decided to stop going. That slop they serve for meat is
> >> >totally digusting. The thought of it makes me want to puke. And their
> >> >beans aren't as good either. For us, they've killed the craving.
> >> >
> >> >Lo siento, TB, adios!
> >>
> >> WAY back, when I was a graduate student at USC (Columbia, SC), one of
> >> fellow students, who was from Mexico City, observed that he liked to
> >at
> >> Taco Bell -- since it was a nice change from Mexican food ...
> >
> >Dumbass, Taco Bell IS mexican food.
> >
> Actually, it isn't really. The fare at TB is an Americanized ideal of
> Mexican food. No self-respecting Mexican would claim it. It is purely
> an American invention. This is no different than Chow Mein and Chop
> Suey, which is not really Chinese...

Does matter where it was cooked or who invented it. It's still Mexican.
Taco's, burrito's, quesadilla's, nacho's etc are all mexican food. Did you
fail spanish class at high-schooL? Those are all spanish word's.

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Jerry Sauk wrote:
>> YOU are the common problem in regard to your work history, Jerry.
> Wrong. the common problem is that other people, either co-workers, and
> sometiems managers, are either idiots or prejudiced against certain common
> issue's that many people have.
Sure, Jerry, who else would you blame? It's always the "other people".
Now your adding some BS prejudice into the mix?
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>>>>> Fantasy, burger flippers dont get social services.
>>>> In Austin they do.
>>> Nope.
>>>> Anybody making less than $10.50/hour qualifies for
>>>> medical, dental, and $5/$10 prescriptions from the City.
>>> Thats a lie.
>> I'm currently getting the maximum amount of unemployment
>> benefits and I have a MAP card and the benefits (went for
>> my "interview" just last week and got my card).
> Irrelevant to that stupid pig ignorant claim about any hourly wage that qualifys for MAP.

What exactly are you pointing out? The requirements are right
there on the page your quoted. It clearly disproves your claim
(and also disproves your new claim that *any* hourly wage
qualifies for map).


Who may qualify for MAP?

Austin/Travis county residents with family incomes at or below
100% of the Federal Poverty Index Guidelines, and who meet asset
guidelines. (If they have Medicaid, they will not qualify for
MAP.) This includes those Williamson County residents living in
the City of Austin.

Disabled or elderly individuals, if their income is at or below
200% of the Federal Poverty Index Guidelines, and if they meet
asset guidelines. (If they live in the City of Austin and have
Medicaid, they will not qualify for MAP. If they live outside the
City of Austin and in Travis County, they may qualify for limited
MAP benefits).

Travis county residents with Medicaid or Medicare are not eligible
for MAP benefits but may qualify for other programs that offer
reduced rate health care services.

What If I Don't Qualify for MAP?

Austin/Travis County residents who do not qualify for MAP and do
not have other funding may be placed on the Austin/Travis
CommUnity Care sliding-fee scale. They can receive medical and
prescription services at the CommUnity Care centers on a
sliding-fee basis. (City of Austin residents also can receive
emergency dental services at a City dental clinic on a sliding-fee
basis if a current patient in the CommUnity Care system.) These
services require a co-payment, based on where on the sliding-fee
scale the client's household income falls.

(The later is the category I fit into. I pay 50%)

So enough with the smoke and mirrors: speak clearly and
coherently and state the exact reason why we are wrong?

You sure have gone over the deep end since the last time I shared
a group with you a decade ago. I'm sorry to see hwo you've
completely fallen apart.

> Everyone can see for themselves that you are lying, as always.


Damn. You really are that fucked up.