From: the_constructor on
My wife just put the following on eBay discussion group ROUND TABLE so I
thought others may like to read it.

I am really annoyed at eBay. I'll tell you why.

My husband, was selling on eBay under the user name of yorkie_8 and without
warning, eBay canceled all his listings and gave him a date to upgrade to a
Business account and told that he could not list anything ever again unless
he upgraded.

I have sold 7 items altogether in the last 12 months, but have purchased
many items. Just recently, I have purchased items of clothing and also to
improve the decoration in my home.

Now eBay have sent me an email telling me to upgrade to a business account
by such a date or I will not be able to list items again.

I am not a business, nor was my husband. So what gives with eBay? Is anyone
else getting these messages....?

I have no intention of upgrading to a business account so will be looking
for other auction sites to sell on and also be using my husbands mycarboot
group which he set up on yahoo where there are no FEES whatsoever.
Everything is FREE.

Carol (whitegoldlady)