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From: The Older Gentleman on
Your_own_personal_Jesus <liftupthereceiver<nospam> wrote:

> If I access feedback from this link (as I have always done)
> Then click "Leave Feedback"
> I get this :
> I asked the ebay helpline about this but she just did not want to
> answer and would not give one?
> Is it part of ebay do you know?

Seems to be genuine, yes. I tried the link, and it asked for my login.
In case it was a phishing attempt, I logged in independently and then
tried again, and got this message.

"Sorry there's a technical problem. Please switch to the regular version
of this page to Leave Feedback."

Hit the Continue button.

I could see it was recording me as logged in. And it said I had no
transactions on which to leave FB, which was as it should be.

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From: Fran on

"Your_own_personal_Jesus>" <liftupthereceiver<nospam> wrote
in message news:mn.6b807da31de72e1c.54200(a)

> It seems like some sort of extra feedback page / sellers survey page, I
> need to access the feedback via feedback reminders to get the old system,
> I did find it strange how the lady just ignored my question when I asked
> if Reputex.ebay was legit?

I doubt she knew the answer.

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