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are not letting them to do so!


Dear Sir/Madam,

We are writing to everyone and anyone who thinks they could help in
ANY way to bring justice to Child Molesters in Lithuania and free the
little girl from future damages.

This story is frightening and almost impossible to believe, but it is
true! It is about a little girl, then 3yrs old who was molested by
well known people in Lithuania. The father, Drasius Kedys, tried
fighting for his daughter the legal way - by going to the police, by
contacting the Child protective Services, by going to state
prosecutors and getting nowhere. He then went public. This story
brought a huge public interest and resentment toward the Lithuanian

Later the father disappeared. The same day of his disappearance there
were two suspects of molesting this little girl killed. The blame was
put on the father, who months later was found dead in a very public
place. Witnesses say, there were torture marks all over his body,
however, the experts hired by the state released a statement saying he
died of natural causes. 

The main suspect is awaiting a trial, however there is another trial
in going on - should the girl be returned to the mother, who knew
about the molestation of her daughter and played a big part in it
herself! The little girl lives with her father's family right now.
This story is full of illogical decisions and incomplete
investigations. The media is finding out more and more about this case
than the prosecutors (who are obviously covering the pedophile clan)
and it is becoming clearer that the arguments presented by the media
about the prosecutors hiding evidence regarding this story are true. 

The decision was made by the court to return the girl to her mother,
who sold her daughter to these child molesters for the money and
better life. Currently, at the very moment - there people gathering
around the house where the little girl is staying in order to protect
her from returning to her mother.

So we are asking you for any help in this case. We need someone to
step in and help us to shut this pedophile clan down and bring justice
to this girl. Her fathers wish was to never stop fighting for his
girls well-being and he is gone! The Lithuanian authorities are not
doing their job right. There is corruption going on and it becoming
impossible to fight them! Tomorrow - 2010/05/20 9:00 am (GMT+2) - they
are coming with POLICE to take the GIRL! Please, get involved! 

There is a lot of information online about this fight. It's been going
on for over two years now.

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2010/05/20 Fight, incident with police:

Or just Google it: "Drasius Kedys".

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