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>>>> Beat eBay's ever increasing listing fees, go to...
>>> But can they beat eBay's sales record?
>> If I had ever considered using or even looking at that site, this spam
>> swarm has convinced never to do it.
>> --
>> Joanne
> If someone wanted a free site, why would they use a spam-haven
> rather than just going to craigslist....where there's no fees to post
> OR sell?
> We WILL remember ebid, mark.wilkinson(a)
> -- but not in the way you wanted us to.
> Kris

Before all this garbage started getting flooded here I had intended to take
a better look at it. On first look it looked like it takes PP, just like
E-bay. I will not buy anything on line that I can't pay for with a CC. Does
CL allow a seller to take PP?
I think drug tests are great. Since I have to pass them to earn money to pay
taxes, Everyone on or applying for welfare should have to pass them to get
some of my money.