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"Phil" <phil(a)> wrote in message
>> but the UK's Gas Installation and Use Regulations require
>> that any work on gas appliances is carried out by a registered
>> person.
> No they don't, anyone *employed* to carry out work for you must
> be
> registered under the Gas Safe Register, which is exactly the
> same as
> before (previously they had to be CORGI registered obviously).
>> Previous regulations only required a 'competent' person
> Exactly the same as the current regulations;
> "No person shall carry out any work in relation to a gas
> fitting
> or gas storage vessel unless he is competent to do so."
> (taken From the 'Gas Installation and Use Regulations').

Thanks Phil - I'll have to check the Regulations for myself now!
I'm having some work done that's costing me about 350 quid - next
time, if it needs doing again, I'll save myself a few bob!