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A Guide To Online Shopping!
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>A Guide To Online Shopping!

You fail to address the most important points - the intelligence of the
buyer is one.
If some see "sale" they just buy everything in sight. The same if the words
"half price"
are used. Really people should have some form of IQ test before being
allowed to
shop online as it is only greedy people who end up a victim of fraud.
Don't spam newsgroups with articles that are not correct and to which some
are a misinterpretation of English Law.
You must be thick for believing everything you read online. I hope you
don't do
any online shopping or respond to messages stating you have won �26million
in a
competition you didn't even enter or for which you never supplied an email
One example was Zavvi Direct - after the company went bankrupt a few people
put up an online site with SSL etc. The fraudsters stole thousands from
thick and
stupid people who were greedy!
Many can't even type in a website address so supply details to unknown