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>> On 01/02/2010 10:54, Pointer wrote:
>>> A HK seller of a small gizmo insists that he wants only 5 star
>>> feedback.
>>> I take exception to receiving his 'guidance',the system would fall
>>> apart if
>>> all buyers were to comply.
>>> Or have I got it wrong?
>>> P
>>> "If you are satisfied, we sincerely hope that you can leave us a
>>> positive
>>> comment and four 5-star Detailed Seller Ratings, which are of vital
>>> importance
>>> to the growth of our small company.
>>> Besides, PLEASE DO NOT leaves us 1, 2, 3 or 4-star Detailed Seller
>>> Ratings
>>> because they are equal to negative feedback. Like what we said before,
>>> if
>>> you are not satisfied in any regard, please tell us."
>> I leave 4 stars generally, if the trade has gone 'as expected'. If the
>> seller has gone an extra mile in one way or the other, they might get a
>> five.
>> That's how the rating descriptions seem to me, I don't know or much care
>> about any hidden agenda.
> This looks to me like a troll.
> The regulars point out an obvious problem with ebay's procedures and a new
> poster says this , knowing that it will get a reaction
> --
> Alex

How is this like a Troll.

Yes, a new poster and yes a different opinion, This is what usenet is about.
Not having a "click with the same views used as a comfort zone". So it needs
discussing. So Discuss. You can then decide if he is Trolling.

Now just incase you think I'm trolling I have my own views on the 5 star
rating, and that is I will give 5* if everything that was promised was
achieved. That even extended to a purchase over the bad weather period where
a delay was incurred in delivery but good comms were kept. But I must admit
I do not know how 1-4 * is determined so Ebay introducing a 5 * policy
implies at least to me that there is a range that can be used and by buyers
experiences in life with traders Ebay or Non Ebay and is the only way to
range there score. Of course I don't do that, but can see why a lot of
buyers will.