From: Willy Eckerslyke on
Rob Morley wrote:
> On Wed, 25 Nov 2009 16:13:51 +0000
> Willy Eckerslyke <oss108no_spam(a)> wrote:
>> I phoned them up and was offered a 20 pound voucher for the
>> inconvenience. It can only be spent on purchases, not for paying eBay
>> fees. When I said this wasn't enough to cover my losses, I was told
>> to watch the announcements board and that eBay was still working out
>> how to compensate sellers.
> I've not looked for news on eBay because it didn't affect me, but I saw
> this earlier which sounds rather positive:

Not positive to me, unfortunately. My items finished Sunday evening, so
too late for the automatic refund according to that article. And as I
posted them first thing on Monday before hearing about the problem, I
was too late to cancel the sales. This is where eBay were remiss, they
did nothing to warn sellers that their recently ended auctions may have
been messed up.