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Qantas continues to pay for Aussie racists crimes
Full facts available from this link , email it to friends
to WARN them what Australia is REALLY like
International tourists can ALL google to see what Australia is really
like , they dont bother with the ' official ' tourism web sites , they
want to KNOW what is REALLY like and a quick Google soon turns them
away by the thousands

QANTAS, which is hemorrhaging tens of millions of dollars on long haul
services to the US and Europe, is under new pressure after the sudden
departure yesterday of finance chief Colin Storrie and the arrival of
a former senior executive at the helm of its rival Virgin Blue.



Mr Storrie, who resigned from the Qantas board and as group chief
financial officer due to ill health, leaves a significant gap in the
carrier's pool of top executive talent.


His departure after just 18 months in the role was announced on the
same day that the airline's former executive general manager John
Borghetti was named as chief executive of Virgin Blue

But while Mr Borghetti was the centre of attention at a press
conference in Sydney yesterday morning, a letter was being drafted at
Qantas headquarters, announcing Mr Storrie's departure.

His resignation after just 18 months is not only significant from a
financial perspective but also because he was the first appointment
that Alan Joyce made in September 2008 after being promoted to chief

One racist troll called LJH , has destroyed the Australian tourism
industry AND bankrupted QANTAS and destroyed tens of thousands of
jobs , for FUN , sadly taxpayers must now start paying for all his

Australian taxpayers continue to pay millions trying to attract
tourists while happily letting RACIST PSYCHOPATHS like LJH destroy
the economy for FUN , using stolen email accounts and false names
24/7 for years

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