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> did you describe it as low quality.............if so then she was aware of
> what it was.
No ref to quality.
It was decribed as what it was Philips Toucam 810B
no reference to quality. Its quality is the same as 90% of highstreet low
res webcam costing �10-20. I directly compared it with a Mikomi from Argos
reduced to �10 from �25 and the difference was negligible, I subsequently
returned it and bought a MS VX6000 for �49 which is obviously better. She
said she had a similar webcam and difference was like night and day and the
lens must be broken which it obviously isn't
> what were your conditions ref postage.....
said I would refund DOA within 7 days of receipt
no other conditions. I did ask her to return it using a cert of postage and
she used recorded that cost 60p more

> why are you worried about her being reasonable...............or are you a
> 100% feedbacker and worried about it..............if not refund only cost
> and give her yet another neg.
am a 100% thus my reluctance to
I think she bought it on impulse as she asked me to send it asap as it was
urgent which I did, and then reconsidered on receiving item.

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>No it won't, once it's rolled off the 1st screen of feedback it's not so
>visible. It does NOT affect the feedback count at all.
>> There will be a link to
>> see it out of context along with any others you might have for the
>> next 12 months.
>Only if someone chooses to change the feedback period displayed which will
>then bring up the option to look at withdrawn feedback comments.
Or maybe use toolhaus to make their job easier :)
Mike News
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On Thu, 20 Dec 2007 19:37:29 -0000, "Hugh"
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>I think she bought it on impulse as she asked me to send it asap as it was
>urgent which I did, and then reconsidered on receiving item.

Used it for whatever urgent purpose she had, then sent back when no
longer needed?

Either way, just refund and resell.

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Spacker wrote:

> Until ebay lets sellers vet buyers before they are allowed to bid,
> feedback for buyers will remain meaningless.

Not always. I quite often get asked questions by potential buyers where
putting myself out a little would help a sale. Eg, quoting for
delivering larger items which I'd listed as "for collection only".
Buyers' feedback can be extremely useful when picking out the
timewasters who need to be avoided, from genuine buyers for whom it's
worth going that extra mile.