From: exvoxteam on
Hello Mr Nasreddine

We are a team of ex members of voxlink telecom, owned by Mr Gilles
ands Mrs Sheridan. We were phone operators for them and we called UK
to invite people to presentations especialy older persons.
We have been fired in september 2007 with no reasons as most of us are
doing a good job.But that is there way of doing business.
our bonus were of only 10 morocan dirham that is around 0,60pound for
each couple that came to the hotel.
Our salary were paid by the hour, meaning that we never had a fixed
salary. If the phones did not work, we did not get paid for that time.
After voxlink reached 3 years of existency, Gilles and Sheridan
decided to close it like the previous one (TEM&CO) and after transfer
all the salaries to the new company called MIP, once done, the owner
will not paye the taxes to the governement,
according to what Mr nassreddine our ex boss said , they (Mr Gilles
and Mrs Sherdian) escape taxes in Mrorocco and also in england and
france, you can check that Mr gilles can't even open a little business
in france because he's in a black list,
We also own some little documents that can hurt deeply the owners if
they do not give us our right like "bob marley" said "get up stand up
fight up for your right"
We promiss that we will be back soon for more details