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The "mission statement" for Sunflower seems to say the
opposite of what the OP experiences were. In my experience
the louder they shout what they ARE the more it means they
are the OPPOSITE. :-)

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>> Subject: SUNFLOWER MARKET mismanaged yuppie store, advice
> on smart
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>> The Tucson Sunflower Markets location (they have many
>> multi-state locations) I have shopped at is really badly
> managed. Most
>> "farmers" would be embarrassed or fail if they managed
> their farms
>> like this place is managed.
> Ya have to laugh at these so-called Farmers Markets, they
> just like the big chains, advertising things they don't
> poor service and unhappy low paid clerks.
>> Have had this happen several times now, where the cashier
> refuses to
>> give a raincheck and makes the customer and anyone else in
> line wait
>> several minutes while the clerks,who should have kept the
> stock up go
>> about looking the back room to see if they have more stock
> and then
>> wait until they shelve the product. They are trying to
> obstruct the
>> issuance of rainchecks by this tactic.
> Obviously illegal, they must give rainchecks for advertised
> items they do not have in stock. I think the FCC is the
> proper place to report them as well as the various state
> consumer agencies. AZ I think has an agency called weights
> and measures that inspects and fines stores not in
> with pricing regulations.
>> I have worked to limit my shopping at Sunflower,the only
> advantage
>> being they are close to my location. But it is a PITA to
> shop there,
>> very poor experiences.
>> This refusing to issue a timely raincheck will be reported
> to the
>> proper consumer and regulatory agencies.
>> On several occasions I have witnessed cashiers vehemently
> arguing with
>> customers. When you ask them to find you a sale item they
> cannot and
>> do not want to look for it either.
> Maybe they are union scum who think they cannot be fired?
>> I have had several instances of bad produce that was
> from
>> view-celery that was rotten in the middle, same for
> coconuts. When I
>> asked one of the clerks about this he said it happens
> frequently
>> because they cannot get the coconuts fresh. So why are
> selling
>> them then?
> Best thing is to OPEN the celery and check it. Closely
> inspect fruit and other produce for spoilage and softness.
>> Many times when I asked for double bagging of groceries my
> request
>> went ignored and had to return to the checkout again to
> them
>> double bagged.
> These grocery clerks are like hypnotized zombies with their
> heads up there keysters often.
>> The FREQUENTLY are out of ad sale items early in the ad
> time period
>> and more frequently than other stores they mis-scan or
> wrongly ring up
>> items over the true amount. Yet, in contrast to Fry's or
> Safeway they
>> will not give the full purchase price back on items they
> have
>> mis-scanned.
>> They have NO corporate headquarters and their CEO Mike
> Gilligan in
>> boulder does not reply to faxes or consumer complaints.
> Really sounds like this is a case of bad CEO also, top down
> mismanagement.
>> They advertise that they have lower prices, but like most
> corporate
>> boasting, it's not true. Their prices on produce are
> sometimes lower
>> than the major markets, but not the lowest.
> They have a mission statement on their web page. Sounds
> this is a case of: we wish we were like this, but we're
> hehe
>> Food City has the lowest prices,(if your not predjudice
> don't mind
>> shopping at a mostly hispanic staffed store), Food City is
>> significantly lower than Sunflower. Sunflower is filled
> mostly with
>> yuppie, upper middle class shoppers who pay high prices
> specialty
>> items. I mean ridiculously high in most cases-West and
> East Coast
>> high.
>> There are at least 3 major supermarkets all within 1-2 km
> of the
>> Sunflower on Speedway: Safeway at grant and swan, Fry's at
> craycroft
>> and swan, Grocery Outlet at speedway and craycroft. Thats
> just the
>> major close ones. For the best prices on non produce
> go to
>> Fry's. For the best meat deals and sale deals, watch the
> ads and go to
>> Safeway. For the best deep discounts go to Grocery Outlet.
> And MOST of
>> all for the best, deeply discounted produce go to Food
> City, a few
>> more kms away, but not far. Additionally, there are
> Albertsons at
>> campbell and pima. Bashas has very good prices and
> Albertsons prices
>> have really come down lately, so they are no longer high.
> Sounds like you have alot of choices so you don't have to
> rely on such a bad store.