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Christmas Discount Code

Voucher Code: XMAS10

This voucher code gives users an extra 10% saving on all purchases
made online between 1st November to 24th December 2009. No minimum
spend required and the discount code can be used an unlimited amount
of time.

How to use UK Office Direct discount codes?
To use an of our discount codes all you need to do is add the code
into the specified �promotional code� area at checkout when completing
your order and click the recalculate button to claim your discount.

Outrageous prices - for example --->

250ml of screen cleaner �2.05
Postage �5.95
VAT on both �1.20
TOTAL = �9.20

I can get that FAR FAR cheaper by walking in to a local shop or mail
ordering. I ignore price promises - I just buy the cheaper product and
let the rip-off merchants go out of business. Fancy people using Google
News to spam with their own company details.