From: Dave U. Random on
"SHOPTIMISM - Why the American Consumer Will Keep on Buying
No Matter What" by Lee Eisenberg ( )

Washington Post

With the results of another holiday shopping season ready
to be tallied, it's a fitting time to read Lee Eisenberg's
"Shoptimism," which examines the psychology of the American
shopper and the lengths to which retailers go in order to
decode it.

The book identifies several archetypal shoppers and defines
their spending habits. "The classic buyer buys, or tries to
buy, from the head down: relies on reason, compares prices,
weighs benefits, all in search of good value," Eisenberg
writes. "For Romantics the heart, not the head, is the
lonely hunter (or gatherer)." If you don't identify as a
classic or romantic, perhaps you're a typical Martian or
Venusian (man or woman, respectively), or maybe you fall
into the dangerous Stop-Me-Before-I-Buy-Again category. It
will be easy for most American consumers to see a bit of
themselves in at least one of these models and get some
perspective on their own shopping tendencies...