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"CD" <no(a)way.ok> wrote in message
>I sold my copy of Pirates Of The Caribbean for a whopping 50p last
> week. Posted 2nd class friday, so probably hasn't arrived yet.
> The buyer has just sent me a message simply saying "cancel this
> order". I know I'm required to accept returns & have no problem doing
> so, bt just wondered what I'm supposed to refund posrage wise. I had a
> quick scan of the FAQ & my eyes glazed over. Is it postage out only,
> out & return postage or none, item only?

Looks like you refund the full amount of the order including the postage,
buyer is responsible for the return costs and has to make the refund request
through Amazon Marketplace.

"Where you are withdrawing from your purchase within the first 7 working
days after delivery and there has been no error on the seller's part, the
seller will refund the cost of the item and the cost of sending the item to
you as follows:
(2) where you are returning an entire order, the seller will refund the
applicable per-item delivery charges and the per-delivery charge that you

"shipping and handling charges for returning Marketplace items are borne by
the buyer."

"When you purchase an item from a seller, Marketplace charges
your credit card and passes on payment--less a commission--to your seller.
For you to secure a refund equivalent to your initial purchase price and
shipping costs, your seller must request a refund via
In any case where a refund is necessary--such as when your seller is out of
stock and cannot ship, or when you return an item--it is the responsibility
of the seller to request that refund. We provide sellers with instructions
on how to create refunds. "