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>> >What are the shiny CDROM-sized platters in an old desktop disk drive made
>> >out of?
>> >I glued two of them together so that the offset covered the center hole to
>> >use as an indestructable traveling shaving mirror.
>> >A friend said they won't pass TSA security but they're not sharp. They are
>> >just really shiny and really flat.
>> >What are they made out of anyway?
>> I've taken them apart but I didnt' try bending them. �If you really
>> think the tsa will complain, bring another one you can bend for them.
>> Maybe that will help, if they really do complain. �Or bend the double
>> one you're bringing and use the bent part as a stand.
>> On Leno tonight, Headlines. someone was photographing a pedestrian,
>> but he turned his head away and put a file folder between his head and
>> the camera. �Unfortunately the glass window behind him gave a perfect
>> reflection. � Something he might not have known from his vantage
>> point!
>Any HDD I've taken apart I'd be concerned about from a safety
>standpoint... the platters don't "bend" at all, and if you try too
>forcefully they will explode into a whole mess of tiny, sharp shards.

I retract my suggestion.

Did they teach you the word potsherd in high school, or did you read
the word in museums, regarding broken things found at excavations of
ancient man?

For decades my brother and I both pronounced the word pots herd,
until one day I looked at it and realized it was pot sherd.

>Good if you're trying to destroy one that you're decommissioning; not
>so good if you've packed it with your underwear.