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If you want to save money the easy way then just sign up to allfiled

allfiled is a new web service that allows users to save all their
important admin in a very secure online environment so that they have
access to it whenever and wherever they need it.

BT are just one of the big firms that have purchased licences to give
to their employees as they see it as a way of reducing personal
which we all have to do.

You can ask allfiled to send you reminders of important events, like
MOT and tax renewals, even birthdays and it can also provide you with
like for like insurance policy quotes when yours are set to expire.
does this anonymously so that you don't get bombarded with junk mail
and spam. If you find a policy you want it only takes one click to go
to the sellers website and all the boring fields of information are
already filled in.

Try it absolutely free.